# How to Start

Each installation of our Fleet Management solution requires some customization for reflecting the special procedures and requirements of our customers. Print layouts need to be updated with our customer’s company logo, reports need to be adjusted for the company’s internal reporting scheme, user access rules need to be specified and implemented.

In other words: The ZeeBORN Fleet Management solution is nothing you can buy and download immediately from our website.

But there is a fast track to get your own copy of our solution as fast as possible:

# 1. Demo Account

Request a demo account from our support team. With this demo account you can immediately test a typical configuration of our solution on one of our demo servers. Your demo account is available within a short time and can be used on almost any computer that provides a Remote Desktop client. You get up to 30 days for testing our software – extension of the trial period is possible on request.

Request Demo Account

# 2. Request Quotation

Request a quotation for your company. Just provide the size of your fleet, the ZeeBORN modules you want to implement and the already existing data you want to migrate into the ZeeBORN solution. You’ll receive a quotation within 2 to 4 workdays. Please also provide contact details in case we need to contact you for clarifying some questions.

Request Quotation

# 3. Customization

The customization of your individual solution usually takes up to one week. Of course it can take longer if additional custom development has been ordered.

# 4. Implementation

The implementation and installation of your individual system can be executed with the help of our support team.