# Planned Maintenance

The ZeeBORN Maintenance module provides all necessary features for a planned maintenance system including advanced modules for condition based maintenance.

Starting with version 10.7.0 released in July 2010 the ZeeBORN system including the Maintenance module has received a Lloyd’s Register approval for being a part of a Machinery Planned Maintenance Scheme.

# Main Features

  • New: ZeeBORN Migration Kit now included – migrate from AVECS TiTAN to ZeeBORN in 5 minutes.
  • Basic module with component management, maintenance planning and maintenance documentation
  • Creation of service orders for maintenance jobs and further processing of the orders in ZeeBORN Purchasing.
  • Spare part management with spare parts per component and simple inventory management
  • Article Catalogs – Manage articles in catalogs that are available fleet-wide. Changes to article details will be distributed automatically to all involved ships and sites.
  • Ordering module for requisition to the shipping company and preparation and sending of resulting orders to the suppliers
  • Change Request Module – Manage all changes to the basic data in the system with the new module. Change requests can be created by the crew for components, maintenance jobs, job descriptions and spare parts. Changes will be applied to the data only after final approval by an authorized user (e.g. fleet manager).
  • Data Connector module – Interface to maintenance solutions from other suppliers. Integrate on-board maintenance solutions from other suppliers into the ZeeBORN Maintenance office module. Use the Data Connector as a convenient opportunity to roll out the ZeeBORN System step by step into your fleet while keeping the business going under your control.
  • Stand-alone Stock Control: The Stock Control module can now be made available without the need of buying the Planned Maintenance module. Use the stock control and catalog features within the Purchasing module and within Crewing (e.g. management of uniforms, tools etc.).

# Options

  • Data Management Tool for the easy, convenient and efficient management of the database content (import of components, spare parts and maintenance jobs from Excel files; simple functions for the efficient management of huge data masses)

# Interfaces

  • Optional interfaces to online running hours counters (via direct connection, connection via automation system or via voyage data recorder)
  • Optional interfaces to condition measuring systems (vibration measurement etc.) for the realization of a real condition based maintenance system
  • Optional interfaces to accounting systems
  • Interface to ZeeBORN Budgeting
  • Interface to ZeeBORN Purchasing

# Additional services

  • Data migration from existing systems (e.g. AVECS TiTAN, Spectec AMOS etc.)
  • Data conversion
  • Data input (document scanning and conversion)
  • Application hosting via Terminal Server (ZeeBORN data center)

# Screenshots

Components Overview
Components Overview

Maintenance Jobs Overview
Maintenance Jobs Overview

Job Report
Job Report